Top Pizza Places you must be familiar with

Top Pizza Places

The food pleasure and taste of delight that pizzas can offer are savory amazing. Pizzas are one way to convey your mood for the day. By selecting its variety of toppings and flavorings. Pizza is one of Italy’s gifts to the world of culinary, it is a combination of a dough base, cheese, and toppings.

It’s an ideal thing to know the correct place where you can order and taste the correct type of pizza. You can search for your most-loved pizza recipes by looking at popular bakeries that are experts in pizza making. And one of these popular bakeries when it comes to pizza bases & piadina is the Letizza bakery. You can enjoy various recipes that have captured many pizza lovers in Australia.

What is Piadina?


Piadina is a classic unleavened Italian flatbread that is available worldwide. It is normally made with lard, salt, white flour, water, and olive oil. The dough was commonly cooked on a terracotta dish. Although these days electric griddles or flat pans are commonly used. It can be eaten in various ways, for example, you can use it as a healthy pizza base.


Check out Australia’s best new pizza places

  • Ria pizza and wine

The original site of chef Brent Savage and sommelier Nick Hildebrandt announced they transfer their wine bar. And it will be transformed into a pizza restaurant, there are high expectations to their fine-dining credentials. They have delicious and clever pizza for the people. The base is crisp with evenly neat risen crust. With high-powered electricity when cooking.

  • La Coppola

It’s not only the warmth of the wood-fire oven that emits at this locally loved Redfern pizzeria. Yet also the heat of owner Stefano Scopelliti, he’s been producing pizzas for more than 30 years. The menu involves plenty of salty anchovies, fresh fennel, and strips of fried zucchini. With generous toppings that scatter right to the edge. It has also molten cheese that makes a winning slice memorable.

  • ITL

ITL Italian Kitchen is one of the latest restaurants in the expansion of SkyCity on the bank of the Torrens. The dough in ITL is rested for 36 hours then topped with al Pomodoro sauce or Bianca. And any other toppings with season brings. That is mixed with truffle paste, mozzarella, wild mushrooms, and pork sausage.

  • Letizza Bakery

Letizza Bakery is one of the top bakeries available in Australia. As many people know that there’s no amazing place to visit that this bakery. The outlet provides top-quality food service that will always offer you good value for money. Letizza also gives a convenient way of providing your favorites be delivered on your doorsteps. This bakery is well-known to provide customers pizza based on their website. Wherein your pizza cravings are available and set to choose.

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