Is cold-pressed juice is better?

Cold Pressed Juice

Fruits and vegetables are squeezed using a hydraulic press by applying a lot of pressure to ensure the extraction of the maximum amount of liquid. Oxygen or heat, no additional means is used for extraction, means no loss of nutrients caused in heating. Cold pressing is the process of separating the fibre from the cells of fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressed juices become common in 2013 in some of the countries. Cold pressed juice contains significantly more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and other nutrients compared to juices made up of heat. Cold-pressed juices would never be heat pasteurized.

When the process is carried out normally, it involves a centrifugal juicer that has a few sharp blades, rotating at high speed that leads to pulverizing the ingredients and extracting the juice. It is quite faster than the cold pressing method, it might generate heat and could initiate loss of fresh, vibrant flavour of ingredients and also cause degradation of their nutritional values. Many of the juices go through the addition of artificial sweetener, flavour or colour to rectify the poor quality effect because of heat. As compared to soda, there are some juices that are not healthy like soda. So many companies in the market offer cold-pressed juice out of those there is a well-known name press London (Press health foods). They were known for their cold-pressed juices and also known for becoming a well-known name so fast.

Cold Pressed Juice


Press Health cold-pressed juices are better:

Press health foods help people live happier and more balanced life by offering pre-eminent quality cold-pressed juices. They are offering a capacious range of cold-pressed juices which might full fill all the daily healthy diet needs of any individual. They assure the fresh quality and no added preservatives in their juices. They tend to say in their stores that take a sip from any fresh juice bottle and you would love to finish it. With no added preservatives, no artificial sweetener and no added colour in their juices you would get a fresh and healthy glimpse on each sip from the bottle. Some of the juices from their capacious range are,

  • Daily Lean green: Juice full to the brim with beta-carotene rich leafy greens, the addition of lemon and ginger (natural) gives
  • Daily sweet green: Juice balancing both sweet apple and leafy green flavours, makes it a quintessential choice for first time green juice drinkers.
  • Daily Celery: Celery juice is a rich source of crucial vitamins and minerals, which could heal illnesses such as Eczema and Psoriasis.

They have a wide range if I start writing about all of there would be no enough pages such as Berry boost, Clean beet, Clean Carrot, Fiery apple and pure orange.

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