A Basic requirement for a human to stay happy and healthier

Nutritious Foods

Food is the basic need of all living organisms in the world, and they consume it to provide nutrients to the body. Nutrients are the basic substance that gives energy for doing different activities and functions like growth, breathing, digestion and also helps in keeping our immune system healthier. The basic energy sources of food are proteins, vitamins, fats, and carbohydrates. The main composition is of macro-and micronutrients with different chemical substances in it. The Food contains synthetic and natural colors, flavors, nutritional toxicants, various contaminants, additives, and pharmacologically active substances. It is important for performing essential functions like psychological, chemical, and physical functions. It is also useful for regulating body activities like muscle contraction, heartbeat, maintaining normal body temperature, blood clots, waste products removal, and control of proper water balance.

Food is more important for all stages of life and is mainly beneficial for growth during childhood, infancy, adulthood, and adolescence. Every organism in the world needs food for its growth and survival. People consume different varieties like pulses, cereals, plants, animals, fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy products, and meat. There are different styles of foods like Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines. The items like pizza, pasta loaded with cheese comes under the Italian cuisine style. The varieties like dumplings, fried rice, and Chinese noodles come under the style of Chinese cuisines. The Indian cuisines mostly comprise fresh food, and they fill it with lots of spices and herbs. It includes varieties of both veg and non-veg dishes as curry and also comes under the branch for Mughal cuisine that includes most of the non-vegetarian dishes in it.

It helps in the maintenance of both mental and physical health. It mainly comprises proteins that offer amino acids for the process of digestion. This amino acid fills varieties of roles and bases proteins for maintaining heartbeat and supports metabolism. The protein-rich foods help in getting the perfect body, enough body muscles, body cells, and tissues. The foods from freshwaters and oceans, domestic animals, and cultivated plants, major food items are from the traditional agricultural methods of livestock and crops. The primitive societies get from methods like horticulture, hunting, gathering, agriculture, and pastoralism. They get some food items like mushrooms from edible fungi and they will not produce them directly. Ambient bacteria and Fungi help in obtaining pickled foods like alcoholic drinks, pickles, cheese, leavened bread, etc. It also helps in the process of fermentation.

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